Vintage North Hollywood Mural Dedication

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What a amazing turnout! I would like to thank everyone that was involved and allowing us Valley Relics to be a part of this wonderful movement.

NoHo’s City Councilmember Paul Krekorian and the North Hollywood community unveil L.A.’s newest—and one of the city’s largest—public murals, the “Vintage North Hollywood Mural,” a 9,000-square-foot artwork that will cover the Whitsett Slope. The mural brings to fruition years of community planning and collaboration to beautify the slope and honor North Hollywood’s rich history and contributions to the development of Los Angeles. It was created with funding secured by Councilman Krekorian and was painted by artists Ernie Merlan and Levi Ponce and Inspired by the Valley Relics Museum. Krekorian joined dozens of community leaders in cutting the massive ribbon draped across the 240-foot wide and 40-foot long mural. Nudie Cohn’s Cadillac provided by Valley Relics Museum, which is depicted in the mural, was there. Cohn, a famous costume designer for Elvis Presley, Gene Autry, John Wayne and many others, had his office in NoHo for decades.

“This is a community triumph and an example of the great things that come out of collaboration,” said Krekorian. “When we started cleaning up the Whitsett Slope in 2013, it was an overgrown, debris-ridden mess with a 240-foot long slab of concrete in the middle. Now, it’s got great landscaping and a fantastic mural that everyone can enjoy."


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