A Moment to Unwind

Let's take a short trip back in time. Kick back, relax, and click play:


The year is 1989. The world famous Palomino is serving host to a bright country star in the form of the Rockabilly Filly herself; Rosie Flores. You're sitting among the crowd with a cold one in your hand. The spotlight hits the stage and cameras flash as the music begins to hit your ears. Rosie and the Ronnie Mack Band are here to play.


As we've previously covered, the Palomino made its mark in the country music world throughout the 60s and 70s. Fans flocked to the venue in order to enjoy countless names in the industry, delivered onstage with an incredible vibe not found anywhere else.

Without looking at the video above, you can tell it's from a different time. You can feel it. The sound echoes through your mind and elicits a rush of nostalgia. Your body tingles as it toggles through memories of times past. The corners of your mouth lift into a smile that can never be forgotten. The Palomino may be gone, but it most certainly lives on in many of us.

Thank you to those who took the time to stop and enjoy this video.



Special thanks to The Palomino Club Archives for uploading this performance.


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