Panorama Market back parking lot with new construction of Automatic Car Wash & Service Station. Circa 1940’s.
Fred Astaire’s Blue Valley Ranch in Chatsworth, California
N.W. corner of Whitsett and Victory Blvd. September 10th 1942.
Alexander’s Grocery Store and Love's Wood Pit Barbecue at Valley Plaza Circa 1965
North Van Nuys Shopping Center. Van Nuys, Ca.
  • Susan Clark Archive Joins Valley Relics Collection

    Thank you to David Sonne for arranging this beautiful donation. Valley Relics has received a generous donation from award-winning actress, Susan Clark. The contribution to the archives spans her and her late husband’s (Alex Karras) entire careers, and includes signed film and television scripts from 17...

  • Porter Ranch Dilemma

    News has recently traveled fast about an issue in San Fernando Valley being called "a disaster of BP oil spill proportions." If you haven't heard of the Porter Ranch gas leak, you either don't live in the area or are still waiting in line to see...

  • Valley Cinema: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    In the summer of 1982, a spaceship descended upon the San Fernando Valley. Within it, an adorable (not at first) alien crept his way into our hearts with his almost gluttonous obsession with Reese's pieces. Through a close bond with a young boy named Elliott and...

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Tommy Gelinas was Born in Burbank California and was raised in Sepulveda, Porter Ranch and later in Van Nuys before settling in Sherman Oaks California where he and his wife have raised their 4 children. Tommy’s fascination with the history of the San Fernando Valley begun at a very young age. He began collecting artifacts from our valley’s past...

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