The Doobie Brothers

If you don't know who The Doobie Brothers are, please take a minute to shame yourself before reading on. Listen to this and bring some joy to your ears. It's ok. I'll wait.

All caught up? Good. Let's move on.


The Doobie Brothers have been on the American rock scene since 1969, formed by singer-songwriter Paul Simmons, drummer John Hartman, guitarist Tom Johnston, and bassist Dave Schrogen. The group formed here in California and began playing live across the region, gaining quick popularity among local chapters of Hells Angels. The biker gang actually served as inspiration to the band's image during this time.

Since earning a contract at Warner Bros. Records, The Doobie Brothers have continuously delighted the world with its music. The band has gone through many changes throughout the years, with illness or difficulty taking away some of its members (full detail here and here). Today, founding members Simmons and Johnston continue the legacy alongside instrumentalist John McFee, whose involvement with the band dates back to 1978.


This little mention of the Doobie Brothers stems from a recent donation to the Valley Relics Museum by one of our amazing fans. We couldn't do it without all of you and want to reiterate how much your support and involvement is appreciated.

I can't resist. These signs are...groovy! (There. I feel much better)

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