The Brady Bunch House: New Beginnings

The Brady Bunch home is a story that never ends for one Studio City neighborhood. The house is officially on the market!  With the unofficial label of “second-most photographed home in the United States”, it’s popularity has risen even more with the nation's eyes on this available piece of Americana.

It all started with a table talk between producers and a couple who decided to share their home with TV audiences. Brady Bunch producers scouted and chose a real-life house for the famous exterior shots to make the family more realistic and ultimately relatable.

With this creative decision Luther B. Carson and Louise Weddington Carson’s home became an icon to generations of television viewers. Sherwood Schwartz, who created the series, stated that, “The Carson house was a perfect fit because it looked like something an architect (Mr. Brady) would live in.”

By the time Schwartz and his producers were in the planning stages of the show Luther B. Carson had passed away, and his widow, Louise Weddington Carson, gave permission to use the home. Set decorators created the illusion of a second story by adding a false window to the front of the building. While the interior scenes were shot on the Paramount Television soundstage, all exterior shots were filmed during pre-production, before any of The Bradys even set foot on set.

This is the first time that the home has been on the market in nearly 50 years, and it's going for a hefty price- $1.85 million. This is large jump from its last selling price of $61,000 in 1973.

Brady Bunch fans may be disappointed to learn that the inside of the house is vastly different from the sitcom. Still, it’s easy to imagine the family in this 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home.

Just as in the perfect fictional home created in the studio, the real house retains the look and feel of the 1970s- all charm, genuine neighborhood, and perfect for any nostalgic family looking to own a piece of television history.


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